Change Languages

Automatic Language Detection

EasyEssay will, by default, show you results in the same language as your input. You shouldn't have to worry about language settings in most cases.

What if I want to set language manually?

Sure. It's easy to set languages. You can select the language you want to use for both input and output.

First, what is input and output language?

The input language is defined as the language you write in the EasyEssay software. 

The output language is set as the language in which EasyEssay provides output in the pop-up window.

Change Languages

You can set the input and output language separately. 

Go to Profile > Language settings> Input Language & Output Language.

If you want to generate a Chinese paragraph from an English sentence, you can do so by setting the input language to English and the output language to Chinese.

Available languages

We currently offer the following languages:

If you cannot find the language you want to write in, write to us at